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From the beginning, Dr. Marion Spellman envisioned a treatment facility, which would provide professional, effective treatment for individuals caught in the web of drug addiction and alcoholism. Her strong conviction that more could be done to combat this monstrous problem facing society, resulted in her establishing and developing the Peniel Drug and Alcohol Program.

This facility has helped hundreds of individuals since opening its doors in 1980. PENIEL helps to return men and women to their families and to society completely free from any type of addictive chemical dependency or corresponding or contributing lifestyles. The different programs offered by PENIEL are designed to enhance the four-phase treatment approach. This method of treating the addict is unquestionably difficult, and a "determined to succeed" attitude on the part of the individual is essential.

There is hope for the addict. Those who follow the principles taught at PENIEL and who complete this program find PENIEL's approach to be successful and the results to be sustaining and fulfilling.

There is healing for individuals and families broken by the devastating effects of addiction.

At Last There’s Hope.
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