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Designer Drugs, chemical variations of existing illegal drugs, are known to possibly cause permanent brain damage with a single dose. Marijuana produced today is from five to twenty times stronger than that of ten years ago. The hacking and sniffing of easily accessible household items such as spray paint, video head cleaner, and gasoline, to name just a few, may cause unconsciousness, brain damage, and sudden death. Misuse of cough syrups containing dextromethrophan (DXM) is increasingly on the rise. The misuse of this drug mimics the euphoric and hallucinogenic effects of Ecstasy. A new form of methamphetamine called Ya Ba, considered as more powerful and dangerous, has recently become the most popular fad of the underground dance club scenes.

Alcohol and Its Devastating Effects on Adults

Nearly half of all convicted jail inmates were under the influence of alcohol at the time of their offense. Alcohol is involved in an estimated forty-five to sixty percent of reported incidents of domestic violence. Forty percent of family court cases included at least one person who was consuming alcohol. Driving while intoxicated is the most frequently prosecuted crime in America with nearly 1.5 million cases nationally. Repeat offenders account for nearly twenty-five percent of DWI/DUI offenses. One in ten persons in the work force is affected by alcoholism. Nearly half of all violent deaths are alcohol-related Victims are intoxicated in about one-third of all drowning, boating, and aviation deaths. One-fourth of all suicide victims were found to have been intoxicated. Eighteen percent of all college students are heavy drinkers. (averaging 2+ drinks a day.) Some 45 percent of college students are binge drinkers. (having at least five drinks per occasion every two weeks.) Alcohol is over twice as popular among college students as the next leading drug, marijuana, and over five times as popular as cocaine. A child will see alcohol consumed an average of 75,000 times on TV before he or she is of legal drinking age.


Cocaine/Crack: Robbing America

Cocaine use is the fastest growing drug problem in America. This rapid rise is attributed to the purified and more potent form of cocaine called crack or rock. Crack is extremely addictive, far more addictive than either heroin or barbiturates. Because crack is smoked, it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, which then produces a feeling of extreme euphoria. This effect peaks in seconds and leaves the user desiring more. Repeated use of crack can lead to addiction within a few days. Once addicted, users may turn to crimes such as stealing, prostitution, robbery, and drug dealing to support their habit. Crack use leads to psychological disorders, which can produce violent behaviors and psychotic states similar to schizophrenia. Crack is deadly. Cocaine use in any form can cause sudden death from cardiac arrest or respiratory failure. Because cocaine acts directly on what are known as the pleasure centers of the brain, the use of this drug in any of its forms produces an intense desire to experience the pleasurable effects again and again. An April 2002 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that thirty-eight percent of the cocaine-exposed children in its study had mild or greater mental delays than those not exposed. The same study revealed that fourteen percent of those children tested had mental development scores in the mental retardation range by age two. Researchers have found that in a study using laboratory mice infected with HIV, those mice which are given injections of cocaine have 200 times as much of the AIDS-causing virus in their bloodstreams as those which were injected with placebos.


Methamphetamine Addiction: Speed Still Kills

In 1994 it was estimated that 3.8 million people had tried methamphetamine in their lives. A survey done in 2002 shows that this figure has risen dramatically to 8.8 million lifetime users. Fifty-three percent of methamphetamine users are male, while 47 percent are female. The age group most affected by methamphetamine use are those from ages 20 to 40. There are a large and growing number of young methamphetamine users between the ages of 15 to 20. Those seduced by its powerful, mind-altering effects die from violent acts, suicide, and accidents. While cocaine, a close relative in the stimulant family, must be smuggled into the country, methamphetamine can be produced in a bathroom, kitchen, or even in the back of a moving van which can act as a roving laboratory. Methamphetamines may be administered in a number of ways to achieve the desired drug effect. They may be taken orally, may be snorted or smoked, and may also be injected intravenously.

Startling Facts About Today’s Drugs

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