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Illicit Drug Use Can Lead To Dependence

Certain drugs such as opiates, barbiturates, alcohol, and nicotine create physical dependence.

With prolonged use of these drugs, they become a part of the body’s chemistry.

Regular users of drugs develop what is known as drug tolerance, which is a need to take larger doses to achieve initial effects.

When a regular user stops taking the drug, the body experiences a trauma known as withdrawal.

Among children, dependence erodes school performance and can destroy ties to family and friends.

Dependent users normally abandon outside interests, values, and goals.

More Information about Illicit Drugs and Their Use

Drugs can interfere with memory, sensation, and perception. Drugs interfere with the brain’s ability to take in, sort, and process information. Research shows that severe psychological damage such as paranoia and psychosis occurs when marijuana contains two percent THC, which is its major psychoactive ingredient. Since 1980, practically all marijuana contains four to six percent THC.

Five Reasons People Give For Using Drugs or Alcohol

1. To Feel Grown Up

2. To Fit in and to Belong

3. To Relax and to Feel Good

4. To Take Risks and to Rebel

5. To Satisfy Curiosity

Illicit Drug Use Leads to Dependence

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